• Desktop One of the most challenging aspects of building a software is understanding compatibility restrictions. Edge1 is designed in a manner that you don’t require heavy configuration servers to run it, therefore it can seamlessly run with minimum configuration available in market.
  • Tablet Edge1 is designed to run on many different types of tablets. The range of different tablets available in market leads us to provide a huge potential audience for our app. In order for Edge1 to run successfully on all these devices, we make sure that it tolerate some feature variability and provide a flexible user interface which adapts to different screen configurations.
  • Mobile phone Edge1 is compatible with the major operating systems for today's smartphones: Android, IPhone, Microsoft and BlackBerry. It has a mobile friendly design to get a quick glance of organizations health. We have made sure that Edge1 behaves as expected across the combination of mobile devices.

As web based Platform Company we are dedicated to ensuring that Edge1 works with the widest choice of devices. We spend a lot of time planning and developing Edge1, and we want all of our clients to have the same expected user experience across the devices.


  • Edge1Integration


    Edge1 integrates MS Excel, PPT, Word, Mails, Images in one solution linked to each other.

  • 5 Mins Plan

    5 Mins Plan

    Edge1 Generates most complex Plan PPTs, Excels with in minutes from the client’s enquiry.

  • Media Performance

    Media Performance

    Edge1 shows you Dynamic Media Asset performance info within any given date range.

  • Landlord Management

    Landlord Management

    Edge1 performs Contract mgmt & issue alerts for fixed expenses & license fee payments.

  • Booking Calendar

    Booking Calendar

    The easiest way to graphically find out the availability of a media asset.

  • Lead Management

    Lead Management

    Recording and following up all enquiries and leads resulting to higher sales.

  • Sync Sales & Accounts

    Sync Sales & Accounts

    Synchronize your Sales Team with your Accounts Team real time one of the hurdle you face.

  • Site Availability

    Site Availability

    Current and dynamic availability information of your sites between any dates in less than 30Secs.

  • Purchase Order Management

    Purchase Order Management

    Generate purchase orders, work orders and release orders. Controls the entire process cycle.

  • Security


    As per the highest security concern Edge1 is installed on your office servers.

  • Electronic Vigilance

    Electronic Vigilance

    A virtual eye on the actions and activities of all your team members to improve the success rate.

  • Accountability


    With Edge1 you can know your Company’s Current Outstanding and Current Liabilities at any given point of time.

  • Loyalty


    A human can be disloyal, but a machine can’t. So you can rely completely on Edge1.

  • Dashboard


    Analyse your Occupancy and Sales performance.

  • Maps


    Share the Geological locations of your Sites with your Clients/Agencies a technology blend to your traditional Plans.

  • Alerts


    Auto generates timely alert mails to inform end of campaigns and asking extensions, as well as informative mails to the company management.

  • Role based

    Role Based

    You can control the accessibility of your employees on Edge1.

  • Less dependency on Man-power

    No Dependency

    Less dependency on Man-power. No need to ask any information from back office.

  • Availability


    Only a machine/software can be available 24/7, 365 days.

  • Web based

    Web Based

    Web based solution, available globally.

  • Campaign Management System

    Campaign Management System

    Manages all Bookings, Blockings, FOC, Rotational, Removal, Extension of Campaigns.

  • Edge1 generates various customized reports

    Edge1 Generates Customized Reports

    Daily Sales report, Current Media status, Media Performance, Outstanding Report with Ageing, Collection Report, Collection Targets, PO Receivable, Party Ledger And many more.

  • Document Management System

    Document Management System

    Document Management System integrated with Edge1 makes your Office Paperless.

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly Web Help Application

    A User Friendly Web Help makes it easier to learn and understand.