What Makes Edge1 Monitoring Better

Edge1 OOH media monitoring platform is a suite of applications to help you monitor all your outdoor advertising campaigns, real-time through a mobile application, and web- interface, giving you tamper-proof monitoring images with on-point geo-locations and time stamp.

  • Hack proof, intuitive user-friendly interface
  • All monitoring images are uploaded directly on the server
  • Monitoring site images are times stamped with geo-locations
  • Uploading of media images from anywhere at any point of time
  • Monitoring images are automatically linked to sites and campaign
  • Works on offline mode (remote areas; without internet connectivity)
Edge1 outdoor billboard media advertising erp software
Edge1 outdoor billboard media advertising erp software
  • Monitoring images clicked from Edge1 app can be shared at the same point
  • Users receive site monitoring request directly on android or iOS handheld device   
  • Share the auditable campaign photos with your clients and others with a single click
  • Availability and accessibility of records 24×7 to authorized persons anytime anywhere
  • Connected with Live Google Map- know exact geo-location of the sites with traffic conditions
  • Including image types in monitoring instructions to the field operatives
Monitor your OOH media campaigns on the go Edge1 mobile app download free

Multiple BRANDS, Multiple CAMPAIGNS 

Edge1 Monitoring mobile app is accompanied by a web interface that allows you to manage your ongoing campaigns monitoring images on one unified platform. It also allows you to request inventory monitoring images; campaign wise. You can dynamically generate, searchable library of all images of sites as proof of performance.

  • ​​Filter by market, media, advertiser, display, and other photo attributes
  • Accepts monitoring feeds/images from Edge1 media partners as well as from 3rd party vendors
  • Keep a repository of campaign images for more than the last 20 years and fetch them in seconds
  • Within a click know when an image is uploaded with a timestamp, geolocation and uploaded user details
  • Easy to find the best images by visually navigating through your entire photo library with the dynamic pivoting capabilities
  • Monitoring images can be filtered by location, client, display brand, date/time, and other photo attributes, and easily select photos for download or PPT

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