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With the volume of outdoor advertising, business data doubling almost every year, and as software adoption continues unhindered, businesses are finding themselves with more and more data every day. Unlike in the past, every possible sales interaction, every campaign, every media monitoring images, every purchase order, and every invoice from a customer is being stored in a software system. As these numbers climb, spotting trends and patterns from this massive pool of unstructured data can become tough for any advertising business.

​Enter out-of-home advertising data analytics software.

A software system with this massive pool of data shouldn’t be restricted to just a set of customer records, but should ideally be an insight-driven tool that can suggest your next action with the power of that data. Taking it one step further, businesses are increasingly looking at new ways data analytics can help internal teams, like sales, marketing, finance,​​ and operations, do their jobs better. All this put together tells you why there’s a need for built-in analytics tools inside software systems, and we’re going to look at how Edge1 outdoor advertising software has improved its business intelligence offering with the introduction of Analytics.

What’s there?

To match its feature additions, the Edge1 business intelligence dashboards module also known as Edge1 BI is a powerful new home for all the numbers that matter. It is a complete iterative analytics interface, methodical exploration of an out-of-home advertising organization’s data with emphasis on statistical analysis that’ll help your organization’s decision-making style go from gut-feel to truly data-driven. How do you ask? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s changed and how it’s going to help you ace the analytics game.

One-click chart.

Charts are the most basic, yet sophisticated, form of data visualization, and now, we’re making this process even simpler with the introduction of charts to view all your sales and finance grow without the need to select an existing report. Now that’s fast.

​One place for your KPIs.

If you’re finding it hard to keep a tab on your important business metrics over multiple places, we’ve got some good news for you. Use KPIs as the virtual space that ties down all your key performance indicators and makes them part of your morning ritual one place for all the information you need for the day.​​

Instant comparisons.

If you’ve ever needed a single platform to compare your OOH advertising business growth from a month to a quarter, to a month and to a year, we’ve got a thing for you- DASHBOARDS. Compare your sales, campaign performance, payments, collections, media performance and get a comprehensive overview in minutes. It’s as simple as that.

End-to-end pipeline tracking.

One of the most important aspects of your sales process is your pipeline. Whether you need to know the different stages where your prospects are dropping off, or how your lead sources have performed over time, or an analysis of your conversion rates, funnel makes your pipeline analysis easier by breaking down data across your modules into easily trackable stages. It helps maintain a healthier sales pipeline by identifying weak spots you need to concentrate on, enabling you to assign resources to the areas that need attention.

Easily achieve targets.

Successful sales teams don’t just meet their targets they exceed them. Having a target meter in your analytics arsenal makes sure your sales team knows what to shoot for, every single time. Revenue, leads, deals; whatever your goal is, the target meter keeps your expectations realistic and helps you see what you’ve achieved, what you haven’t, and what you’re close to.

Impressed with what Edge1 Business Intelligence can do for your business? Go ahead, learn more about Edge1 business intelligence analytics tools now and tell us what you think we’re all ears or book a free trial immediately.

And as always, happy Edge1ing! 

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