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Edge1 for media agency is a super-fast, ultra-rich, web-based suite of applications for sales, campaign execution, finance, and even your clients.

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Prospect Management | Lead Management | Site Management | Media Owner Management | Media Planning | Media Buying | Campaign Profitability | Execution | Purchase Order Management | Finance | Business Insights | Mobile Apps

Sales and Client Servicing

Give your sales teams the power to close more deals, increase productivity like never before with #1 CRM dedicated to the outdoor advertising industry.

Media Planning and Buying

Deliver accurate media plans with higher visibility and customer satisfaction. Plus, automate media buying with intelligent buying processes.

Execution and Operation

Connect your entire workforce to deliver intelligent and productive media campaigns, and transform the customer experience on the ground.

Finance and Analytics

Capture, unify, and activate your business data for more accurate forecasting. From invoicing to purchase order management, our suite has all bases covered.


Get more things done, Together

  • Collaborates on client briefs
  • Media plans as per target audience selection
  • Cost disruption management- with vendor cost disruption; site/ campaign wise
  • Campaign dashboards with campaign wise profitability
  • Cost sheet generation
  • Site wise pricing analysis- last buying price, lowest buying price, average buying price
  • Purchase order issuing to purchase order receiving
  • Media expense management
  • Analytical dashboards- All MIS information from estimates to campaigns execution, from invoicing to receipts, from purchase order issuing to payments
  • Salesperson dashboards- a salesperson can view his sales graph, billing graph, target to date sales, year to date sales, average campaign value, new customers acquired info
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Take your Sales and Client Servicing game up a notch

  • Prospects management
  • Lead management- Due follow-ups, reminders
  • Sales pipeline, sales funneling, and sales forecasting
  • Generates media plans in less than 5 minutes
  • Generation of daily sales report
  • Track your sales target through sales dashboard
  • Plan wise profitability with adjustment of commissions; profitability and package value management
  • Provision of selling media sites in package/network; client wise sales history
  • Full site management including site master files, details of location, GPS co-ordinates, maps, images, etc.

Keep your Media Planning and Buying team on the same page

  • Distribution of brief across all branches; a collaboration of plans across all branches
  • Generation of plans based on different media vehicles, budgets and much more
  • Plan comparison on the basis of amount, no of sites and much more; estimates generation
  • Complete campaign management ; campaign wise expense management; campaign profitability
  • Provision for payment request of media owners to finance team
  • Media owner management -know complete transactional details of campaigns and sites of each media owner
  • Know your least cost, last and the average cost of buying a site from a vendor
  • Repository of all media plans with revision history
  • Media owner wise rating for buyers; provision of volume discount adjustments for buyers; how much business to be given to media owner
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operations edge1 media agency outdoor advertising retail software

Make Execution and Operation transparent

  • Generates Proof of Performance (PPT, Image sheet)
  • Capturing and uploading of media images from anywhere at any point of time with timestamp and geo-location
  • Accepts monitoring feeds/images from your team as well as from 3rd party vendors. These images can then be used for future plans
  • Easy to find the best images by visually navigating through your entire photo library with the dynamic pivoting capabilities
  • Monitoring images can be filtered by location, client, display brand, date/time, and other photo attributes, and easily select photos for download or PPT
  • Provision for change in site location during the campaign
  • Keep the repository of campaign images for more than the last 20 years and fetch them in seconds
  • Management of all the operation team under one platform
  • Site wise issue management & expense management with notable deductions

Automate Finance and Analytics workflow across branches

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Party wise ledger
  • A complete cycle of payables to receivables
  • Produce custom invoicing for non-contracted items
  • Graphical view of cash flow and business performance
  • Automate Finance and Analytics workflow across branches
  • Generate multiple bills, credit note, debit note; adjustments
  • Determine campaign profitability through accurate revenue allocation
  • Creates one invoice for the client for each campaign, regardless of the markets and media types involved

Turn Conversations Into Conversions

When all your departments work together, customers get a better overall experience and you can make the most of every opportunity.