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Share quick media plans based on availability.


Ease in campaign monitoring, and site maintenance.


Automate billing, payments, and receipts.


Manage landlords, license fee and contracts.

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SALES: Sell Smartly 

  • Lead management
  • A reminder of due follow-ups
  • Generation of DSR (daily sales report)
  • Generates plans in less than 5 minutes for any no. of sites ( PPT’s and Excel’s)
  • Outdoor locations can be viewed based on different filters (size, illumination, media vehicle, rates, location, name, touch-point and much more)
  • Geotagging of your sites on live Google Maps with the site description
  • Dynamic site availability
  • Sales optimization and management
  • Full site management including site master files, details of location, GPS coordinates, maps, images, etc.
  • Different rate types can be assigned to sites (DAVP rates, discount level1, festival rates)
  • Once proposals are approved by the customer, the proposal is turned into a campaign
  • Complete campaign management (booking, blocking, FOC, rotational)

OPERATIONS: Deliver Transparently

  • Within a click know when your site is removed, installed or down for repair
  • Uploading of media images from anywhere at any point of time
  • Accepts monitoring feeds/images from your team as well as from 3rd party vendors. These images can then be used for future plans
  • Generates job slips for vendors
  • Generation of installation slips and removal slips
  • Generates work orders, based on job slips a combine work order can be generated
  • Generation of print orders
  • Easy to find the best images by visually navigating through your entire photo library with the dynamic pivoting capabilities
  • Monitoring images can be filtered by location, client, display brand, date/time, and other photo attributes, and easily select photos for download or PPT
  • Complete vendor/ supplier management
  • Manage media with the date of installation and removal
  • Keep a repository of campaign images for more than 20 years and fetch them in seconds

FINANCE: Earn Exceptionally

  • Enter data once to reduce input time, errors, costs
  • Create multiple payment schedules – monthly, weekly, broadcast calendar
  • Creates one invoice for a client for each campaign, regardless of the markets and media types involved
  • Determine lease profitability through accurate revenue allocation
  • Capture complete history for analysis and forecasting
  • Within a click know your current outstanding i.e. aging on no of days
  • Generate credit notes and debit notes
  • Payment receiving- on account, partial payment, full payment
  • Payment issuing to vendors
  • Adjustments of payments on different bills
  • Within a click know your collection details and collection targets between any two date

LANDLORD: Acquire Analytically

  • Know your contract performance
  • Payable v/s paid​ ​amount
  • Manage licenses fee
  • Contract management, site-wise
  • Manage landlords
  • Know the payment status of each site
  • Reminder on the expiration of contract/ due payment
  • Issue alerts for fixed expenses/ license fee payment
  • Save flexible lease payment formulas that can handle the most complex lease terms imaginable
  • With inbuilt document management system, the repository of all your contracts can be viewed at any point of time
  • Lease payments are generated based on the flexible lease terms defined in the lease agreement

Save More Time With Automation

  • Quick plans; able to generate plans in less than 5 minutes
  • Google maps and Google earth integration
  • Campaign management (booking, blocking, rotational, FOC)
  • Plans target audience selection
  • Inventory management
  • Dynamic media asset performance
  • Availability status of sites within a date range
  • Image bank – monitoring images feeds to the application required for future plans
  • Customized plans outputs- Maps, Excel Files, PDFs, PowerPoints
  • Monitoring images
  • Internal and external mailings
  • Invoice generation
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