Worry less and automate better: 5 major benefits of using Edge1 outdoor advertising workflows automation


Give coworkers a better way to automate the sales and campaign delivery process with Edge1, a tool for automating the OOH advertising workflow.

From sharing media plans to getting campaigns up to speed, our workdays are filled with manual yet necessary tasks. Edge1 gives anyone in your company the tools to simplify and automate their daily task. It combines alerts (such as campaigns ending shortly; ask for an extension), messages and forms, all through a point-and-click interface that even the greenest Edge1 users find easy. The possibilities are nearly endless for what benefits teams can reap with it, akin to a Swiss Army knife with 1,000 blades.

Given the right tools, automating the business process workflow can be surprisingly easy and can reap major benefits. Understanding these benefits will help you to deliver the best and transparent campaign delivery. A recent study by a leading trade journal asked the question, “What do you see as the most important benefits of an automated or unattended advertising business?” 

To help spark your imagination, we’re sharing five major benefits of using Edge1 out-of-home advertising workflows automation.

1. Improved organization

OOH advertising workflow automation tools distribute information seamlessly. For instance, when you automatically update new campaign information for a client and can invoice it from the same system, all of the information regarding the campaign is in the same place. You don’t need to go looking for it across multiple systems.

Automation ensures that the information is automatically sent where you need it, keeping your information current, and preventing your team from spending a lot of time looking for it.

2. Reduced time spent on redundant tasks

One of the biggest benefits to business process workflow automation is the amount of time your team will save on manual, repeatable tasks. Leveraging automation helps your team reduce the time spent on creating media plans, which adds up over time. Based on estimates, it takes  2 to 3 hours for media planners to share the media locations as per the brief, know the availability information of the media locations, find good media images and more.

With the automatic Edge1 media master module, you can reduce the time in finding the locations based on brief in 30 seconds.

3. Well-established processes

The best way to leverage the most benefit from workflow automation is to ensure you create workflows and processes that are set up in advance. Establishing these workflows will ensure that you create a set of standards everyone on your team can follow without having to do additional work. Once these workflow rules are established, these processes can help establish consistency and efficiency within your organization and ensure you deliver a consistent experience to your customers. 

Furthermore, the documented, repeatable processes can help you scale by making it easier to accomplish more in less time. Your team can focus on providing excellent customer service and doing a great job when they don’t need to waste time thinking about the process itself.

4. Multi-department visibility

Maintaining separate spreadsheets, accounts, and processes make it difficult to really see how well your company is doing. To see how many campaigns are delivered in a week or how quickly a business is converted, you may need to gather information about each employee’s performance to view the company as a whole.

Dedicated to advertising workflow automation tools increase visibility into your business’s operations by centralizing data in a way that makes it easy to figure out holistically how your company performs, in addition to the performance of each individual team member. You can even isolate the performance of one department.

5. Increased accountability

With so many different systems in place, it can be difficult to know exactly what is happening at every moment. For instance, if an employee wanted to delete the assigned lead they didn’t want to follow, you’d need processes in place to know this went on. What if deleting something was an accident? How would you know something was accidentally deleted and have the opportunity to get the information back?

Automation reduces human errors by providing a digital trail for your entire operation in one place. It provides increased accountability for everybody’s actions across different departments, so issues like these aren’t a problem.

The Edge1 outdoor advertising automates suite of products is a top-rated suite of automated advertising operations software. Learn more by starting your free trial today.

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