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DOOH, digital out of home is changing outdoor advertising techniques for excellence! It is the new way of advertising through technology-driven media/sites or screens where the data speaks for itself.

Digital outdoor advertising is a fragmented industry, with hundreds of vendors. Its techniques and programmatic platforms are giving new capabilities to out-of-home, while it also makes sure to provide an amazing experience to the customers throughout the globe.   

Marketers now, can find and reach the target audience, are able to measure digital out-of-home effects in driving the outcomes, tweak/adjust the creative elements according to learnings derived mid-campaign. From Wi-Fi sniffing to facial detection and aggregation of mobile IDs, companies are using some kind of location data to gauge the audience to them and serve them appropriate ads or re-target the same consumers via smartphones they are using.

Digital out-of-home offers innovative technology, with a powerful path of message delivering, that makes digital out-of-home ads a force to be evaluated with the audience. Its excellence is accepted more than any other type/module of advertising due to advancements. With these hi-tech electronic modules, advertisers create designs of the creative/display which can commute very well to the audience, at locations. Whether OOH screens also allow fast updates of news, events or data, updating a brand’s message or protecting brand safety when needed.

It is a cost-effective medium of promoting and branding any product or service, caters to the public interest by using real-time screens and live data feeds. The key factors that hamper this market is, variation in regulations related to DOOH advertising such as the content and size, volatile cost of advertising, and real-time data, has the ability to build awareness and obtain impressive results is easier via DOOH.

Key factors of DOOH which enhances this medium more:

1. Audience seeker

Digital screen seeks the attention of the people, whosoever is outside their homes either they targeting youngsters or women who are now on the roads, where people are 41% more receptive to advertising as they spend enough time outside their home, not on the home couch for watching ads.

2. Increment in performance

Utilizing upper funnel channels of technology, DOOH for branding can help inform better targeting and yield increase performance of the campaigns. 

3. Data feeds and dynamic signage

The use of feeds and dynamic DOOH features will grow and there can be no doubt. For a start, the out-of-home industry is already going through a digital revolution, as networks are opened up and expanding. 

4. Growth of ad network and smart cities

A trend that seems unstoppable is the growth of DOOH signage and networks by taking advantage of existing static placement and the large scale footprints of public infrastructure, indeed, cities the world over are going online this growth will lead to new and unique opportunities.

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