MobilAd Media Selects Edge1 Platform

MobilAd Media, Brussels, a leading outdoor advertising agency known for its extensive medium truckvertising network, has chosen Edge1 as its strategic partner to revolutionize and optimize its Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising business. Edge1, a prominent provider of Outdoor Advertising Media Management Software, will empower MobilAd Media Brussels with advanced technology and automation capabilities, streamlining operations and driving remarkable growth in the highly competitive OOH market.

MobilAd Media Brussels: Driving Innovation in OOH Advertising

MobilAd Media is a smart and innovative advertising company with a strong focus on motorists. Boasting a diverse range of premium locations across the country, MobilAd offers three unique and effective media formats: Truck Media, Pump Media, and Parking Media. These innovative advertising formats have successfully connected advertisers with their target audiences, cementing MobilAd Media Brussels as a trusted leader in the Out-Of-Home Media sector. The agency has worked with renowned brands such as Proximus, Quick, ING, Orange, Carglass, Ethias, Century21, Total, Mentos, and more.

Edge1’s Cutting-Edge Solution to Elevate OOH Advertising

Edge1’s state-of-the-art Outdoor Advertising Media Management Software is custom-built to empower advertising agencies like MobilAd Media to thrive in the fiercely competitive OOH market. With a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools and features, Edge1 provides MobilAd Media with seamless access to advanced automation capabilities, data-driven insights, and streamlined workflows. This empowers the agency to make well-informed, data-backed decisions and effortlessly manage its entire advertising ecosystem with utmost efficiency and precision.

“We are thrilled to join forces with MobilAd Media Brussels,” stated Babalpreet Kaur, Corporate Sales Manager of Edge1. “Their dedication to innovation and excellence in the OOH advertising landscape perfectly aligns with Edge1’s mission to provide best-in-class solutions for media management. By leveraging Edge1’s software, MobilAd Media Brussels will propel their OOH business to new heights, driving increased efficiency and unlocking greater value for their business.”

About Edge1: Driving Automation and Growth in the Advertising Industry: Edge1 is a renowned provider of Outdoor Advertising Media Management Software, empowering advertising agencies and media owners with cutting-edge technology to efficiently manage their OOH advertising business. With a relentless focus on driving automation, insights, and growth, Edge1 continues to lead the way in innovation within the advertising industry.

About MobilAd Media Brussels: Pioneering “On the Move” Advertising: A prominent outdoor advertising agency specializing in “on the move” advertising through a nationwide network of medium truckvertising. With a diverse portfolio of premium locations and innovative media formats, MobilAd Media Brussels enables brands to effectively connect with their target audiences in the dynamic world of Out-Of-Home Media.

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