How can OOH advertising business grow with Edge1 Mobile app?

How can OOH advertising business grow with Edge1 Mobile app

Do you run your OOH advertising business on a mobile app?


Then it’s time to have one as you are certainly losing the potential customers to boost the sales for your business and getting business insights for quick decision making.

Mobile apps for business processes are handy, especially when it comes to daily business operations. Having a mobile app for your business is very important to develop the brand of the company. Nowadays, mobile applications created for the operational side of the business are gaining traction. Mobile apps help business processes go smoothly. The use of personal mobile devices to access company data by employees is also on the rise with the shift in regular work habits.

Edge1 mobile apps that run on android, iOS, and Windows handheld devices, help out-of-home advertising companies to manage their leads, share media plans, and monitor their outdoor media campaigns on the move, and stay connected with their customers. 

Here is how we can help you to grow your outdoor advertising business with Edge1 mobile applications:  

Increases Working Efficiency 

Organizations and businesses are investing in mobile app development services to increase the productivity of the workforce and provide better flexibility. Companies are making use of mobile apps in different areas like Edge1 CRM for sales, Edge1 BI for business data analytics, and Edge1 Ops for outdoor campaign monitoring. With these mobile apps, business processes will be accelerated as employees can access online tools while on the go. Business workflow mobilization is also possible with the use of these mobile applications.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Edge1 Mobile apps help you to optimize the internal processes of the business. They’re also used to engage advertisers externally as well as increase revenue. With Edge1 Brand mobile app dedicated to advertisers, they can track their campaign progress, can view their outgoing and past campaigns, and media monitoring images as soon as the site is installed. Giving an advertiser an experience of transparent campaign delivery makes him satisfied. If customers are satisfied using your app they will also suggest it to others. This will give you the mileage to remain a step ahead of your close competitors.

Work from anywhere, anytime

Say you’re boarding a plane after a successful client visit and the person seated next to you shows interest in your product over a casual chat. You can quickly access your documents and briefly describe your media sites with impressive digital resources such as brochures, videos, power points, and so on. Edge1’s CRM mobile app makes it easy to access data from anywhere, at any time. Add and modify customer information in real-time, even when you’re offline. Changes made offline will automatically sync across devices once you’re connected to a network.

Monitor business on the move

Now you don’t have to tie down to your desk and drill down multiple reports to know the health of your business. Stay updated on the current state of your OOH advertising business by accessing all your business analytics dashboards wherever you go. Edge1’s Business Intelligence mobile apps, vibrant mobile dashboards with touch-friendly controls, and responsive visuals ensure that you know what’s the occupancy of your media assets, collections, expenses, or campaign status on the go.

Build & Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Apps tend to be more accessible and interactive than a traditional website. Through the Edge1 mobile app, you can build an instantaneous and direct relationship with your customers and gain their loyalty. Customers enjoy the ease of finding the exact media site they are looking for along with complete media details and images with the simple buying option. A mobile app can build customer loyalty with interactive programs that increase user engagement.

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