All About Out-of-Home Media Advertising

All About Out-of-Home Media Advertising Edge1 Outdoor media software

OOH advertising, hyphenated as out-of-home advertising is one of the programmatic modules of advertising. It is centralized on marketing to the consumer while they are outside. Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your product in specific geographic areas. It is a great and mind gleaming way of advertising a new brand or product to the audience. 

Over the past decade, we can see many modules and changes in presentation in the outdoor advertising industry. OOH reaches consumers no matter what their media consumption or habits are. It goes where most other media can’t go to surround and immerse consumers i.e. out-of-home, where they spend 70 percent of their waking hours. The report entails the major trends and developments are driving the growth of the OOH market globally over the last few years. Future outlook of this market in the country has been provided on the basis of revenue and along with effects on the macroeconomic factors.

There are some interesting facts, that why out-of-home impacts a lot:

  • Poignant Medium: Out-of-home medium leaves a lasting impact on the viewer. It has grown to be a more than $6 billion market, and people take notice of this massive static and digital displays.
  • Interactive messages: Campaigns contain messages which are very interactive to the audience, For instance, if a person passes a Starbucks billboard they will get a notification on their cell phone letting them know their favorite drink is half off at the nearest location.
  • Consumers spend 70% of their time outside of their homes: OOH is different. OOH is essentially a physical medium, mediated by consumer attention. The fact is that consumers do take guidance and influence from adverts. The trick is to place adverts to catch people at optimum points of influence. In the outdoor arena, messages can reach all demographics; commuters and students, friendship groups and families, millennials and the elderly. You can target commuters by placing ads in transport hubs, target aspirational shoppers at malls, reach families on the high street.
  • Sometimes consumer actually makes the decision of shopping in the car: In the metro cities sometimes people stuck in the car for a long time due to traffic, they noticed the billboard at that point of time, having to displayed while consumers are on the road can have huge advantages for your company and will increase your brand’s top-of-mind awareness!
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