Top 3 Benefits of Using Edge1 Business Intelligence Dashboard

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Across the full Edge1, outdoor advertising based sales, and finance software suite, you can do everything from media inventory management to campaign management. As a by-product of all of that activity, the Edge1 Business Intelligence Dashboard measures hundreds of metrics for you. And while Edge1 can help you analyze almost all your out-of-home (OOH) advertising sales and financial metrics, pulling a full report requires a lot of clicks.

Not anymore.

Say goodbye to clicking into multiple Edge1 screens and drilling down into multiple reports to get a full picture of your business data. Say sayonara to waiting until you have thirty minutes free in front of your computer to check how your media inventory and sales teams performed yesterday, last week, or month to date.

Edge1 has rolled out pre-configured Edge1 charts that allow for easy and continuous monitoring of your KPIs. It gives you the ability to choose between a variety of Edge1 reporting strategies and view the up-to-date dashboards on one screen.

Edge1 business intelligence is a complete iterative analytics interface, methodical exploration of an OOH advertising organization’s data with emphasis on statistical analysis. It is used by many OOH companies committed to data-driven decision making. 

Key benefits of Edge1 BI dashboards

Edge1 business intelligence dashboards are a great way to glean insights from raw business data without having to code personally. Some of the key benefits of using dashboards include:

  • Unified view of key business metrics: Edge1 BI dashboards provide single-pane visibility into all key business metrics from revenue to expenses. It has a central location for users to view and analyze up to date information.
  • Get real-time updates: Any change in the underlying data or values is reflected in dashboards immediately. This helps you to identify fluctuations in key business metrics as soon as they happen without having to wait for daily or weekly reports.
  • Saves time and effort: You no longer need to code or prepare lengthy reports to inform on your company’s or your team’s performance. Dashboards provide you with all the key values to analyze information separately.

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