What is Digital OOH Media?

what is digital ooh media edge1 dooh advertising software

Out-of-home advertising is basically, a great medium of advertising or branding, through billboards on highways, mobile mediums, street furniture, and many more modules are here to advertise a brand for the potential buyers, but after the innovation of digitization, the modes of OOH is also turned and innovate their modes to digital. As it becomes increasingly challenging to reach today’s consumer in the fragmented media landscape, the effectiveness of Digital Out-of-Home advertising has become more significant to brand marketers. Digital OOH combines the appeal of visual media with location-specific messaging, making this form of advertising targeted. The modes are the same but now they are technology integrated.

Here are some of the top key reasons to use DOOH advertising:

1. Efficient and cost-effective

One of the biggest reasons to use digital outdoor advertising is that these types of ads are typically displayed in the most bustling locations. The higher the number of people who view your ad, the more customers you’re likely to get.

Also, with a digital ad, you can finally say goodbye to poster printing costs. And with that, you can also free from worries about weather damage or the printing quality.

2. Flexibility with campaign start and end dates

Another advantage of outdoor digital ads? You save yourself both time and stress.

No more having to send in a print poster a couple of weeks before it is scheduled to go up. With digital advertising, you could technically send your ad in just a few hours before it’s supposed to go up, without a hitch.

Plus, you can easily have your ad end exactly when you would like it to end.

For instance, let’s say you have an event on Thursday. You can have the ad stop on the day of the event or even on the Wednesday before it. And since this is all done electronically in just a few seconds, you can rest assured it’ll get done on time and without a hassle.

3. Flexibility with Your Advertising Times

The great thing about outdoor digital ads is that you can effortlessly choose the most appropriate times of the day to display them.

By choosing when to display your digital ad, you’re skipping those times when not much traffic is on the road to see it. And that will ultimately translate to a better ROI.

4. Possible to Display More Than One Message

One of the most convenient things about using digital ads outdoors is that you can easily show off more than one message at a given time. This will allow the same target audience to see both ads as they pass by a certain area at a specific time. They won’t miss a beat, and neither will you when it comes to trying to make a sale.

5. Brief Campaigns Are Possible

To optimize your company’s exposure, displaying a billboard ad for a couple of weeks has been the recommendation traditionally.

However, in some cases, it may behoove to run your advertisement for a shorter period. Again, as mentioned before, this helps to use the marketing budget more efficiently and thus avoids wastage.

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