Why you should invest in OOH advertising software?

Why you should invest in OOH advertising software edge1 outdoor media management software

If you are reading this article you are either in the ten percent looking for a future solution or the 90% that have a sales problem and need to fix it ASAP. In sales time is money so let us cut to the chase.

Do you have one or more of the following challenges in your outdoor advertising business today?

  • Need to increase site occupancy
  • Campaign extensions going down
  • Fighting over Prospect Ownership
  • Still Using Excel Spreadsheets
  • Need help with sales prioritization
  • Neglected Sales inquiries
  • Searching for monitoring images 
  • Wasting hours in making media plans
  • Servicing and Sales not on the same page with customers
  • Current software is too clunky, old, slow outdated
  • No alert on due payments
  • Too Much Data to handle

Even worse is the dreaded we have but no one uses it. Or it’s so old we just keep paying for it as part of a software maintenance contract and no one knows how to use it/we were never trained on it.

​Having an easy-to-use outdoor advertising software that sales, operations, and finance can quickly and easily learn is paramount. However, the best software in the world will not fix any of the problems noted if the new software investment doesn’t include comprehensive training and buy-in plan with your sales force as well as ongoing enticements to use it.

​Most importantly that new software must give back to everyone who uses it. Sales must see it helping them stay on top of their prospects and opportunities, not just taking sales time and data. Marketing needs to see that those hard-earned leads are acted on by the sales teams and can then use that new data to tune their lead engine. Management needs to see a high level of software adoption across the seats they pay for and an easy see up to date pipeline. If these things are all happening already, you are set.

If not, maybe it’s time to look at your sales process, and after you figure out what you should be doing differently, better or the same start evaluating software that will support your successful process not replace it with their own software programmer-generated program.

Last, if you do decide to get a new OOH advertising software make sure you pick a software system that does all of the above and has a great sales process evaluation strategy team to help you put software in a place where it works best.

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