Edge1 For Small OOH Advertising Media Owners: Do I Need One?

Edge1 Software For Small OOH DOOH Advertising Media Owners

You already know Edge1 OOH software could be a game-changer for your OOH advertising company, but as a small media owner, you can’t afford to waste precious time and money on using multiple wrong tools.

So, what can Edge1 do for you? How will you know which features you need for the best results? How will Edge1 fit into your existing sales process?

If you’re considering Edge1 outdoor media management software for your small business, this guide will answer these questions for you.

What is Edge1?

Edge1 is a web-based software application that offers a full platform for outdoor advertising media owners and agencies to streamline your entire out-of-home business from end-to-end. It automates all your processes for media management, sales, campaign management, operations, proof-of-performance, purchase order management, finances, and analytics.

You can see exactly what’s your sales, how your media is performing, on how many prospects are there in your salesperson sales funnel, what they already talked about with them, when to follow up and much more all thanks to this central platform. You can Shorten proposal turnaround time and improve accuracy with real-time static and digital inventory availability, and generate branded client-ready proposals in only a few clicks.

Edge1 also gives managers and executives an instant glimpse into revenue, and expense predictions for the month or quarter, without sucking them into the nitty-gritty details. It gives everyone the information they need, when and how they need it.

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The benefits of Edge1 for small media owners

Whether you want to grow more new locations and increase your site occupancy or simply get more productive and profitable with what you already have, Edge1 can help you achieve your goals.

Here’s how Edge1 can help small media owners:

  • You know what to focus on each day
  • You can personalize every interaction
  • You can make smarter business decisions
  • You can jump on a big opportunity

Know what to focus on each day

Does your salesperson know exactly what to do when they sit at their desk every morning?

As a small business, you may give your sales team an ambitious sales target. But if your salesperson doesn’t know where their next sale (or even sales conversation) is coming from, they’ll end up jumping between leads based on their gut feeling.

With Edge1 OOH Software, you and your salespersons will know exactly how warm a lead is and focus on the ones most likely to move forward. Each morning, they’ll know exactly who to follow up with and how to prepare. They’ll approach every opportunity with a plan.

Personalize every interaction

One of your biggest advantages as a small business is the genuine care you can give to each of your customers. However, one study revealed that sales reps have an average of 94.4 interactions a day. This includes emails, phone calls, voicemails, and social media interactions.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t remember everything about every person and company you talk to.

With Edge1 Software, sales dashboard you’ll get an instant insight into all past conversations with a potential or existing customer. From questions they’ve asked to the products they’ve bought, you can tailor every conversation and nurture your relationship with them.

You can give your customers control of their campaigns with self-serve portals where they can browse your media inventory, manage and schedule their campaigns, and view POP reports.

Make smart business decisions

With all of these customer insights in one place, you can start noticing trends. When you notice patterns like these, you can get smart about the future of your business.

Edge1 can help you analyze almost all your out-of-home (OOH) advertising sales and financial metrics, pulling a full report requires a lot of clicks.

Say goodbye to clicking into multiple Edge1 screens and drilling down into multiple reports to get a full picture of your business data. Say sayonara to waiting until you have thirty minutes free in front of your computer to check how your media inventory and how sales teams performed yesterday, last week, or month to date.

Edge1 has rolled out pre-configured Edge1 business intelligence that allows for easy and continuous monitoring of your KPIs. It gives you the ability to choose between a variety of Edge1 reporting strategies and view the up-to-date dashboards on one screen. Compare your sales, campaign performance, payments, collections, media performance, and get a comprehensive overview in minutes.   

Jump on a big opportunity

Ever missed out on a huge new customer just because you did not submit the media plan on time and the opportunity slipped through the cracks?

Without the right system in place, this can happen too easily. But with Edge1 that keeps everyone up to date, you’ll never drop the ball. Access all your live media inventory availability information and its images at one place, you and your team can quickly refocus on deals that matter most at any given moment.

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The challenges of Edge1 for small businesses

By now, you’re intrigued. You can see the positive impact Edge1 could have on your business, but you’re still unsure it’s worth making that move.

Let’s look into two of the most common challenges of Edge1 for small out-of-home media owners.

  1. What if our current systems currently work just fine?

If you currently don’t use any software and your business still hits all the revenue goals, you may feel there’s no need for a change.

After all, why would you change what’s already working? Things get done, sales deals are won. Introducing new software would just distract from that.

Let’s look at some options you’re currently using to track your customer and campaign information:

  • Notebooks
  • Spreadsheets
  • Sticky notes
  • Business cards
  • Email

One report shows that salespersons only spend about 35% of their time selling. The rest of their time goes to admin tasks, meeting preparation, research, and preparing PowerPoint presentations. Jumping between systems like spreadsheets, email, and pen and paper definitely doesn’t help with this issue.

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Edge1 can centralize these systems and drastically shorten your admin tasks. You can find a lead’s address, notes from the last phone call, or the first email you sent them all in a matter of seconds, and also know which media plan you shared first with all the revision history of plans.

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  1. Can I afford a CRM?

Even with these advantages in mind, investing in a CRM can feel scary for a small business. 

Whenever you can, get a free demonstration session. If you run a lean small business, even one month of a bad software purchase can set you back. A free demonstration session will help you view Edge1 functionalities in real day-to-day work and decide if it ticks all your boxes.

How Edge1 can help?

We’re powering thousands of small out-of-home advertising media owners just like you so they can get their day-day processes organized.

That’s how we know you’re always working on at least one of these:

  • Getting customers for your business
  • Increasing occupancy of your sites
  • Managing your campaigns (site availability)
  • Automating your production/operations 
  • Managing your financial transactions
  • Knowing business health, through analytical reports

That’s a lot to handle. Edge1 can help.

The essential idea behind Edge1 is to streamline and automate your outdoor advertising media business. It’s visual, intuitive and easy to use. There’s no complicated documentation or training required so you can start generating business in minutes.

You can integrate Edge1 with your favorite apps (there are 10+ apps you can integrate Edge1 with!) so you can truly make this software your own.

Want to try it out? Get a free demonstration session of Edge1, now.

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