• The entire company, in your hand, extract any information about the health of your organization and media assets at a click of a button.

  • Complete solution to provide full automation to the entire working of Media Agency and Vendor. Right from making fully informative plans with autogenerated excels and ppts untill final payments.

  • Edge1 Maps - Share the Geological locations of your Sites with your Clients/Agencies, A technology blend to your traditional Plans.

  • Anything to Everything about your Media Assets. Know Availablity, Performance, Profitablity, Occupancy, anything you want, just on a click.

We are Edge1, India's 1st fully comprehensive OOH ERP.

We automate the entire business operations of Outdoor Media Vendors and Agencies.


Edge1 planning tools help you to collaborate on one media plan on the basis of Client Brief from your respective locations...

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Complete automation of Vendor companies from Landlord management, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Accounts...

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Complete automation for Agencies right from Planning, PO Management, Campaign Management, Operations, Accounts...

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Comprehensive analytical reports on the basis of your day to day transactions instantly enabling you to take intelligent decisions...

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Latest Features


Edge1 integrates MS Excel, PPT, Word, Mails, Images in one solution linked to each other...

5 Mins Plan

Edge1 Generates most complex Plan PPTs, Excels with in minutes from the client’s enquiry...

Media Performance

Edge1 shows you Dynamic Media Asset performance info within any given date range...

Landlord Management

Edge1 performs Contract mgmt & issue alerts for fixed expenses & license fee payments...


"Thank you all, for an absolutely fantastic app. So incredibly logical and user friendly. The best there is. I’m so happy there is something out there that actually works, even when compared to bloated commercial stuff..."
Sunil Vasudeva, Pioneer Publicity

"You guys have the honour to introduce first software for Outdoor Media Industry. In my long experience of working in Outdoor industry, I don't think I've ever seen this kind of wonderful product...."
Sunnjoy Daadhicch, Discoveri Media Group

"This whole product is amazingly GREAT news!
I have been playing with my computers as typewriters, my plan’s excel and ppts took horrible time before using your product. Now I am able to send plans with excel and ppt to my clients in less than 5 minutes on any kinds of briefs..."
Paresh Shah, Sujal Advertisers

"You guys are the best!! Even though this software is comprehensive, you guys always reply within a reasonable time. And the answers are always clear, and to the point.Thank you for your excellent support..."
Anil Agarwal, Pioneer Publicity